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All the specialist work at heights is carried out using mountaineering techniques. As a result there is not need to use scaffolding and heavy equipment which is expensive, hampers the use of the building, often damages the façade and causes damage around the building.

In comparison with traditional methods, mountaineering services allow the work to be completed more quickly and at less cost. At the same time they do not hamper the operations of the building on which the work is being carried out.

ELBOS workers are licensed to work at heights, have the professional qualifications needed to carry out all the services provided by our company – and are highly specialised mountaineers.

They also possess mountaineering equipment which meets the requirements of Polish and international safety standards.

Elbros, ul.
Krucza 1A, 05-090 Rybie / Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, tel: 502 360 296, e-mail: info@elbros.com.pl

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