The services we offer include:

- building and refurbishment works on high buildings such as bricklaying, insulation, sealing works, rendering, painting

- welding, fitting and dismantling metal elements such as gutters, drainage pipes, aerials

- the cleaning and maintenance of metal structures such as masts and large roofs structures
impregnating stone facades

- cleaning the facades of office and industrial buildings irrespective of whether they are made of glass, stone, steel or wood

- cleaning all kinds of windows and blinds

- installing bird frighteners such as ultra-sound, attested spikes, pulsating sound signals

- removing snow from roofs

- emergency action such as dismantling and removing dangerous elements of roofs

- hanging advertisements, banners and Christmas decorations

- carrying out inspections and providing photographic and film documentation of high buildings and those with difficult access.

Elbros, ul.
Krucza 1A, 05-090 Rybie / Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie, tel: 502 360 296, e-mail: info@elbros.com.pl

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